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An Index to Family Histories Deposited at the Scottish Genealogy Society as at 5th May Large tree dealing mainly with the family of HORN of Westhall, , . DOMINICUS-VANDERVEER NORWAY see ALLEN.

What is Google Authenticator? Where can I get Google Authenticator? If you have an IOS device then head over to the app store and install it from there. If you have a Android device then visit the Play store and it will be installable from there. We are then asked to setup our virtual device. To do this, simply open up the Google Authenticator app and click scan QR code. This is the last step to confirm and pair your device.

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Simply add the 2 codes and click Assign MFA. Adding a new user is part of the 5 steps, likely to appear in the exam and just plane useful for administering AWS in real life. In the IAM management console click on the Users tab, show in the screenshot below and click the blue Add user button.

This screen will list all your users associated with this account and the groups they are associated with. Step 1 is to set the user details. So we start by adding a user name.

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They allows you to create multiple users in this same 4 step process. This can be handy if you need to create many users with similar roles in a short amount of time. The other option on this screen to note is the Select AWS access type section located below the user details. Remember what a group is? There are 2 other options:. Attach existing policies directly — this is where instead of assigning a group of policies to a user, we pick out specific policies and assign them directly to that user.

But wait! Next we need to decide what policies this group will contain. Therefore we have to give our user S3 access controls. From here we can see a smaller list of S3 related policies. The example below is of a policy document that allows full access to S3. See if you can follow it. Step 3 is an easy one. At this point you are presented with a lovely success message indicating our user AWSCoach has been created. After this point there is no way of retrieving these values.

The only way to view keys and passwords would be to invalidate these ones and generate completely new ones. This part is fairly self explanatory. Essentially you are defining how strong and how often you want to rotate passwords for users. A little tip that I noticed is that in the exam you will most likely only see questions on second use case.

Afterwards we need to select the use case that applies to this role.

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For that will be the first option. The next step works just like creating a group. We assign some policies to this role.

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  • As our role will need to access and perform operations on S3 buckets we give it S3 Full Access control. So now you know all about IAM in less than 15 minutes! Leave this field empty. If you are a human, do not fill in this field. IAM is a pretty simplistic concept. So what are IAMs features? A user is well..

    A user! You can only assign an IAM role to a user and not a group at this time. Exam tip Role questions are an exam favourite. Root user best practices The root AWS account root user is created when you sign in via your email address and password when creating your AWS account.


    Below's our guide to everything you need to know about microchipping and the benefits it has to you and your pet. Does my pet need a microchip? After 6 April , all dogs in England and Wales must be microchipped by the time they are 8 weeks old. Which pets can be microchipped?

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    Dogs, cats and rabbits can be microchipped. Why microchip your pet? Every year around , pets go missing. Microchipping increases the chances of them being found — much better than a collar identification tag which can fall off, break or be removed.

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    If a pet is stolen and recovered by the police or local authority, a microchip may be the only way to identify and contact the owner. After April , any owner whose dog is found without a microchip has a short period of time to have them microchipped.

    Where To Get Microchipped And How Much Does It Cost ?

    What exactly is a microchip? This protective shell helps to prevent the microchip from causing a reaction or moving around which can make it difficult to read. How long does a microchip last? Where can I take my pet to be microchipped and how much does it cost? Some local animal charities and organisations, as well as some local authorities also offer microchipping. Some will offer it for free, however prices will again vary. What happens at the microchipping appointment?