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Consistent national data on inmate-on-inmate assaults is difficult to come by, but prisons can be dangerous places, with one in five inmates reporting attacks. In Ohio, a legislative prison inspection committee found that the Lucasville prison has traditionally had high assault statistics in part because of gang-affiliated prisoners.


In the video, inmate Greg Reinke, the alleged attacker, is seen stabbing Pugh and three other prisoners multiple times during the assault that could have been even worse had one of the victims not freed himself and fought back. Reinke hid two homemade knives on himself and used one of them — a 7-inch shank — in the assault.

4 ‘extremely dangerous’ inmates escape Ohio prison

Just under a minute passes before the first guard appears at the end of a long hallway and charges toward the attacker in the video obtained by the AP through an open records request. More than three minutes pass before guards free the last of the inmates from their cuffs chained to a blood-drenched table.

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The following day, authorities declined to prosecute Reinke, arguing that he was already serving a life sentence. Reinke was convicted of aggravated murder in a shooting in Cleveland. Then, just over eight months later on Feb. Mathias suffered 32 stab wounds and numerous internal injuries in that attack and has still not returned to work. Newly elected Scioto County prosecutor Shane Tieman changed course and charged Reinke with both prison attacks. Reinke has pleaded not guilty.

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He also saw no evidence of a setup. The inmates who were stabbed, though offenders themselves, deserve justice, Tieman said. HOK and K2M redesigned the bed dormitory, called Lincoln, to allow for its residents to move about more freely and to have slightly more privacy than is typical at a prison like this.

Unlike other dorms, which are entirely open, this one will have smaller, eight-person rooms in cells without doors.

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The dormitory will also feature operable windows that allow for ventilation and let inmates look out into the outdoor courtyard. In part due to the amount of daylight the operable windows allow into the space, the building will be the first LEED Silver-certified prison structure in the state. The women will move into the building later this fall.

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While the Ohio Reformatory for Women does place more of an emphasis on rehabilitation than other prisons, it does still have its problems: in , one of its inmates won a lawsuit against a guard who sexually assaulted her at the prison. While some inmates were able to weigh in on the design for the dormitory, they had much more say in the design of the outdoor space as part of the annual horticulture class. In October , HOK, the horticulture class teacher Emily Stahl, and professor of landscape architecture at Ohio State Halina Steiner ran a design charrette for the women, who brainstormed how the space might be landscaped.

Ideas included outdoor classrooms, water features, and even repurposing materials from the renovated dorm. Ultimately, the class landed on the idea of a sensory garden, with different plants chosen to stimulate each of the five senses. Northern sea oats tend to rustle together when the wind blows, adding a soundtrack to the garden. And a variety of herbs give the women something fragrant and and tasty to harvest and dry.

Reimagining the dormitory

The inmates also chose drought-tolerant plants, plants to attract pollinators, and plants that would provide food for Monarch butterflies. The inmates planted all the greenery that they had chosen for the space this August.

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The garden will also feature raised platforms where inmates can meet to study together, though these have yet to be installed.