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In the Reply menu, you also now have an assortment of marker flags to choose from when you flag an email. Although the flags are different, the emails can still only be found in one place from your inbox: the "Flagged" label. You would think that a subfolder would exist for different colors, but not yet. Although the new keyboard toolbar is available in several applications including Notes , it's incredibly useful in Mail. You can access the toolbar anytime you're in the body of an email. Just tap on the chevron or angle bracket, if you prefer on the right of the predictive text bar above the keyboard.

Starting from left to right, you can: 1 add rich text formatting, 2 attach photos and videos, 3 attach a photo or video from Camera, 4 attach a file from the Files app, 5 scan a document, and 6 add a drawing. You can check out all of these features, in more detail, in our full guide. In the new toolbar, there's an option for rich text formatting which includes options to format and stylize your text.

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Some of these options were there before via the contextual menu which was a pain to use overall. From the formatting bar, tap on the "Aa" icon on the far left.

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When it comes to styling your words, you can bold, italicize, underline, and strikethrough text, change the default font, increase or decrease font size, and switch the font color. You can also add numbered and bullet lists, justify text, indent, and add or adjust quote levels with different colors. Inside of the rich text formatting setting, you can finally change the default Apple font San Francisco to something when composing a message.

You'll also see custom fonts you've added to iOS show up here. Hit the small "A" in the formatting toolbar to decrease the size of the font and the big "A" to increase it. You can make the font so small you can hardly see it, and you can make the font so big that only one letter fits on a line. Before, when you wanted to add a photo or video, the photo selection screen would fill the entire display, showing only albums. Now, it only takes up a small portion of the bottom of the screen so you can still see your draft above, and it defaults to your most recent content.

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You can swipe it up to view more images at once or tap "All Photos" to see your albums. No one wants to deal with annoying emails, but it's a part of life, especially when your career or schoolwork revolves around online correspondence.

However, if you're part of an email thread that you no longer want to participate in actively, you can now mute the conversation in iOS You'll still be able to read the emails, but you'll no longer be notified anytime there's a new message in the thread, which is great for those group email threads that can quickly spin out of control.

You can mute or silence emails in several ways, but the easiest way is to long-press down on an email in your inbox, which will bring up a preview window of the email, as well as a quick actions menu underneath it. Slowly swipe up, and the full list will appear: tap on "Mute" to silence the email thread. Check out our complete guide for more ways to mute email threads. By default, any email thread that is muted on iOS 13 is marked as read, but you can change that so that they're archived or deleted instead. Reporting Issues This gem uses the Mail gem for messages, attachments, etc.

We welcome Pull Requests which include tests. Basic usage First of all require the gmail library. You can use connection which handles errors raising: Gmail. Counting and gathering emails Get counts for messages in the inbox: gmail. Also you can manipulate each message using block style: gmail. Any news older than , mark as read and archive it: gmail. You can avoid this using: email. Managing labels With Gmail gem you can also manage your labels.

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You can get list of defined labels: gmail. I love having this option for quick email triage, since it allows me to quickly swipe through my inbox much more quickly than selecting groups of messages. Here is everything you need to know:. While you can use this to add loads of useful functionality, such as easy access to threads with notifications or flagged messages, you can also use it to access your custom folders and labels more quickly.

For example, I access my Developers folder in my App Factor email account more than any other folder. With Mail.

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One of my favorites was auto-detection, and I still use it almost every single day. It can detect when someone changes their contact information as well. In only a few taps, you can accept those changes without having to manually enter anything. I like to keep my notifications as specific and obvious as possible, and this includes email. With the VIP feature in Mail.