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Our body's reaction to this is the primary cause of the skin itching, not the actual bite itself. Flea bites typically go away on their own but you should try to keep the itching under control while the bites heal as scratches can cause them to get infected. Dealing with a flea infestation can be one thing but the itch of the flea bites are without a doubt one of the most annoying parts of pet ownership! So how do you stop flea bites itching? The reason they are constantly itching is not down to the actual bite but our body's reaction to the various chemicals fleas use to make taking our blood easier.

If stealing our blood was not rude enough, they leave and don't clean up their mess, leaving the chemicals in and around the bites. To counter these foreign chemicals our bodies release histamines.

Flea Bite in Adults: Condition, Treatments, and Pictures - Overview | skinsight

For some people, this leads to an allergic reaction but for most people, it simply means we are left with an annoying itch while they do their job. There are many remedies to address this, but broadly they fall into two camps - the ones that simply address the symptom the itch and those that address the histamine reaction, which are called anti-histamines. Within these there are the remedies that are natural or made from things you can usually find around the house, and those made specifically to treat bites.

Histamine is secreted by basophils and mast cells as part of a local immune response to the presence of invading bodies such as flea saliva. This histamine release causes inflammation which allows our capillaries to become more permeable to white blood cells. These white blood cells target and attack foreign bodies in the affected tissue. Histamines also perform several other important functions in the body. Along with being an important part of our immune response it acts as a neurotransmitter a chemical messenger that carries signals from one nerve to another and performs several important jobs in our bowels.

Because of their important functions within our bodies, histamine is found in virtually all animals, so even though they are responsible for the annoying itch, they are saving us from much worse! Histamines are a naturally produced inflammatory that our bodies use as part of our immune response. Anti-histamines limit this response, reducing the itch that is associated with the inflammation.

The itching of flea bites is caused by histamines that the body releases so taking an over the counter antihistamine like Benadryl is one solution that will help from the inside out. It will stop the body from releasing histamines and curb itching from the bitten areas. Anti-histamine creams and sprays are great for getting rid of itch associated with flea bites. They produce the same effect as the oral anti-histamines, but in the short term, they also provide some soothing relief to the skin.

We have found that Fenistil Gel is a very effective way to stop the itching associated with flea bites. Many people use cortisone creams such as E45 or calamine lotion.

How to Identify & Treat Flea Bites on Humans to Stop That Itch

These are very effective way to relieve itching for flea bites but these are some alternative remedies you might not have thought of to help in the relief of flea bites on children and adults. There are also several treatments that can be made up from stuff most people will have around the house or available in your local store. While they may not be as effective as some of the creams and medicines we have mentioned above, they might be just what you need. You can drink your tea and use the teabag too! After you have finished your tea, lay the tea bag gently on the affected area and it can help neutralize itching and promote healing.

Some people get bitten here without having bites on the feet or legs first. If you have a pet that sleeps in your bed, this is a common problem. Flea bites can be very annoying to some people and others may have no symptoms at all.

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This is because some people are naturally immune to the bites. In others, the body produces histamine in reaction to the protein and enzymes in flea saliva. This causes itchiness, swelling, redness and other symptoms.

Everything You Need to Know About Fleabites

Here are some steps you can take to treat flea bites and get relief from pain and inflammation:. If you suspect your pet has been bitten, this next image illustrates what flea bites on dogs can look like. If you have found fleas, act now before the flea infestation gets out of hand. Flea bite allergy is painful and irritating to pets. It causes severe itchiness and in some cases, hair loss. The good news is that you can prevent all these complications by treating your pet with a flea product such as flea drops.

For existing bites and allergic reactions, use the following remedies:. I am a big proponent of natural, herbal treatment and prevention when it comes to our pets health. Fleas look for a host creature to live on, and humans don't have enough fur to be a suitable host. When humans get bitten, it is usually because an infestation has taken root in a home.

Flea infestations are usually the result of a pet bringing fleas in from outside the home. If you have pets, you have a greater chance of getting flea bites.

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The chances that the bites you have are flea bites will also increase if you have recently stayed overnight at the home of someone who has a pet. Mosquito bites tend to be puffier than flea bites, but this is not always the case. It depends on your skin's resistance and type of mosquitoes that bit you. If you have hard, red welts, you may need to ask yourself a few questions:.

There is a close similarity between flea bites and bed bugs bites.

What Are Fleas and Where Do They Come From?

Both types of bites can happen inside your home, and in great numbers. Bed bug bites also appear on skin that would have been protected from mosquitoes by the clothing you wear--just like those flea bites. The easiest way to tell flea bites from bed bug bites is by the rash bed bug bites often have around them. But, while this rash can be significant, there is not always a rash associated with bed bug bites.