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The court has approved Children in Between Online. Since July of , nearly twenty-thousand parents have taken our course.

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You can take the class on your computer, laptop or phone and it is very easy. If you do not have access to a computer or internet, you can take the course at your local library or self-help center. Once you pay for our class you can start taking it immediately. When you have completed the class we automatically file your certificate within twenty-four hours.

Co Parenting Classes for Divorce

Children in Between Online is filmed with professional actors and narrators. Parents tell us it is both interesting and informative.

It is not a filmed lecture taken from a classroom. Proven to Work. Children in Between is scientifically proven to ensure that you learn the skills necessary to make divorce easier on your children. Watch to learn more! Log in and out as needed.

What if you need legal advice?

This parent education class is three hours long and must be completed within 45 days of the initial court filing. When the participant has completed the course, he or she is issued an official Certificate of Completion.

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The original certificate must be filed with the court before any final orders over custody and parenting time will be issued. The course is scheduled with court-approved providers available through each county.

Divorce Paralegal - Arizona Legal Document Services LLC

The online course is there for parents who are residing outside the county or outside the state, who are in a domestic violence shelter, who are disabled, or who are in jail or prison. Furthermore, the judge could order that a parent complete the online course specifically. Here is a list of some family concepts covered in the three-hour parent education class:.

You may be wondering why you need to attend a parent education class at all. The classes also help minimize returns to court to resolve future parenting disputes.

Before you go, here are a few tips for mothers and fathers who are going through a divorce or separation:. A Little Background The program is designed to help parents understand the impact that their separation, divorce, or paternity case might have on the emotional well-being of the child.

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  8. How divorce or separation emotionally affects a child. How parental conflict and violence affects a child.

    Arizona Court ACCEPTED Parenting Class

    Importance of positive communication. Improved co-parenting techniques. Parental responsibility. Recognizing the warning signs of a child in distress.